Industrial Cutting Oils

Industrial Cutting Oils

Our mineral cutting oils span the entire range of today's technology, from classic dark oils to modern ultra-clear and odor free fluids. They also range in capability from mild products for easy jobs to severe-duty products that improve finish, tool life and profits on virtually any material. Every Dodge Oil product is made from premium virgin mineral oil and additives that are carefully selected from the best made around the world.
Dodge Oil's cutting oil brands include:


Our conventional dark sulfurized oils, priced for value and performance. THREAD GAIN 2084-C is an excellent example of balanced extreme pressure and lubricity additives that get the job done at a price that will surprise you.


These products are workhorse performers designed especially for stainless steel and tough aerospace alloys. FULSUL 364-G has been a top seller for 20 years, giving excellent finishes on both 300 and 400 series stainless.


These are clear oils that still pack a wallop for all your toughest jobs. SUPER KUT oils range from mild to extreme duty. Some are chlorine and/or sulfur free, depending on your specific requirements. For example, SUPER KUT 6 is an excellent all-around cutting fluid for all ferrous metals and aluminum.


Our DEOLENE oils employ the latest 21st century technology to give you the productivity edge in today’s challenging market. DEOLENE 96 is one example of an oil that works like a THREAD GAIN, but is clear and pleasant smelling like SUPER KUT. DEOLENE 96 is also safe on all metals, so it can be used both as a machine lubricant and cutting fluid.