Industrial Grinding Oils

Grinding Oils

Dodge Oil offers an incredible array of mineral oil grinding fluids for every grinding operation, including centerless, crush, ID/OD, and carbide grinding. In particular, we have developed products uniquely suited to modern aerospace applications. All of our grinding oils are made from premium virgin oils combined with additives from around the world.
Our product lines include:


Our DEOLENE grinding oils cover the broadest range of operations. DEOLENE 14M is an excellent example of a steel grinding oil with a custom designed package of extreme-pressure, lubricity, and special finish additives for top performance on steel, stainless steel, and tough alloy such as A286.


The RUBY line was originally intended for centerless grinding of titanium. However, over the years they have been found to be superb performers in many other applications as well. Our top seller is RUBY 5-XL, a premium blend of extreme-pressure and lubricity additives for the most demanding jobs.


These oils are the “next generation” in titanium bolt grinding fluids.