Industrial Synthetic Coolants

Synthetic Coolants

Dodge is excited about our range of synthetic coolants for machining and grinding. Synthetic coolants are clear and have excellent sump life. They keep a machine tool clean and attractive. A key benefit of most synthetic coolants is that they excel at rejecting tramp oils. They also can offer a full range of machining performance, from light duty to severe operations.
Some of our popular selections include:


A good performing product for general machining and surface and ID/OD grinding. Blue Kool 78 is very pleasant in appearance and odor, and is safe on all metals.


This is a heavier duty product that has been a classic for many years. 902 is used for mild to heavy-duty machining and grinding. It also has superior lubricity, and can be used for roll forming and tube forming. FUCHS ECOCOOL SYN 902 has a custom package of lubricity agents, bacteriostic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents. 902 offer superb tramp oil rejection.


This is a truly state of the art coolant that rivals the performance of any soluble oil or semi-synthetic coolant with all the benefits of a synthetic. It is designed for medium to severe-duty applications, including tapping and broaching. WALLOVER 8595 offers incredible lubricity and tool life while giving long sump life.


All synthetic coolants, ours, as well as those from our competitors, have difficulty coping with the ultra-hard tap water found in the Southwest. Please consult with a sales engineer before selecting any synthetic coolant.