Aviation Smoke Oil

South Coast Air Quality Management Districts
April 2, 2016

Aviation Smoke Oil

Aviation Smoke Oil.

W.S. Dodge Oil has developed a proprietary blend of oil that works great as a smoke oil for air shows. We use highly refined base oils that can be readily atomized, and has a low viscosity and leaves fewer residues on the plane than other smoke oils used in the market. We tested several blends of oils with several pilots, and our blends are most effective for smoking. Our Smoke oil is free from additives such as zinc, phosphorus, sulfur and any other metals and has been great relief to the air show pilot. W.S. Dodge Oil has developed two products expressly as smoke oil C13 and C22.

Proud to announce, W.S. Dodge Aviation Smoke Oil has been approved by The Blue Angels jet team.

Proud to announce, W.S. Dodge Aviation Smoke Oil has been approved by The Thunderbirds jet team.

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Born: May 26, 1941
Birthplace: Honolulu, HI
First flight: Age 6, with father in a Piper Cub
Education: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University; J.D. (law degree) from La Verne (CA) University; has done graduate work at UCLA; attended U.S. Navy Test Pilot School
Professional achievements: Certificate in Flight Test Engineering from the University of Tennessee Space Institute; FAA Statement of Aerobatic Competency, Level I (waiver) for unrestricted aerobatics; Aerobatic Competency Examiner (ACE); licensed attorney
Past Employment: Engineer with United States Forest Service for 28 years. Much of this time based in San Dimas, CA as aviation program leader for USFS, in charge of technical aspects of firefighting airplanes and helicopters.
Employment: Owner of Murphy & Harrison, Inc. Engineer, Lawyer, Pilot
Number of performances (through 2007): 300+
City of residence: Lake Arrowhead, California, USA
Family: Wife/pilot/promoter/hangar assistant/flightline crew Susan Newman-Harrison Daughters Janie and Laura, both of Portland, OR; daughter Lisa of VT; son Kent, lieutenant commander in the U.S. Navy currently stationed at Monterey, CA; son Michael of Silicon Valley, CA; eight grandchildren.

Tumbling Bear 2014 Cable Airport Airshow

This video is taken of Rob Harrison flying in his Czech built Zlin 50 aircraft at March ARB 2010. What a show he put on!

Tumbling Bear 2014 Cable Airport Airshow

Rob Harrison owning the skies over Upland ,Ca Saturday January 11th in his Zlin 142.
Aviation Smoke Oil 2
Dodge Aviation Smoke Oil C-13 at the Edmonton Air show.
Aviation Smoke Oil 4
Here is one of my favorite Dodge smoke oil users Jacquie B flying her beautiful plane, she is awesome.
Aviation Smoke Oil