Semi-Synthetic Coolants

Semi-Synthetic Coolants

We are proud to present what has to be one of the most diverse and inclusive ranges of semi-synthetic coolants ever offered. Semi-synthetics combine the best of soluble oils, with their superior lubricity and performance, and synthetic coolants, with their cleanliness and high cooling power, into one package. Semi-synthetic coolants offer incredible sump life as well as great machining performance. As a general statement, semi-synthetics are the most hard-water stable of any type of coolant.
Our most popular products include:


Ecocool 206D is a rising star. It offers incredible performance, yet is safe on all metals, and offers tremendous sump life. We have case histories on file of local shops, using tap water and machining aluminum (the hardest metal on coolants) getting 24 months of odor-free high performance.


This is one of the most unique coolants ever presented. It has a very high oil content, but does not require bacteriacide or fungicide. It performs well in mild to severe duty applications, but has the oil-rejecting ability of a synthetic. Frankly, it is in a class of its own.