Soluble Oils

Soluble Oils

We are proud of our selection of soluble oils for cutting, grinding, broaching, and many other applications. All of our soluble oils are designed for high performance and long life in our ultra-hard California water. Most Dodge Kool and all of our Deosol products contain specially selected corrosion preventative packages, bacteria and fungus inhibitors, and finish and tool-life agents.
Some of our more popular products are:


Our basic soluble oil, designed for good performance and pleasant working conditions. Attractively priced.


Our top-selling high performance product. Deosol 202 excels at cutting, grinding, tapping, broaching, and drilling, as well as many other operations. It is safe on all common work piece metals and plastics, and has a pleasing color and aroma. Deosol 202 has excellent sump life. For the price, nothing out performs Deosol 202.